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If you have “fear of success”, then close this page immediately…

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my senses!

Date: Today
Time: 10:10 AM
From: George Katsoudas and R R Rudolph

Dear friend,

With your permission, I want to let you in on a very simple way of earning a living on the internet working from home…

This method doesn’t require you to spend any money and is VERY simple to do. It will not make you a millionaire overnight. But, if you want to work from home and
make a decent living in a SAFE manner, then read every single word of this page…

But first…

Why I decided to finally reveal this blueprint:

I receive at least 1-2 emails practically every day that go something like this:

Hey George,

This is John, one of your subscribers.

I’m new to this internet game and I don’t have a
clue where to start from. I seem to be hearing so
many different methods from so many different
people… and yet… the more I listen to them,
the more confused I become!

I really need to start a successful business
online… and… I need to do it NOW! I need something
simple that I can do in a couple of hours a day. I’m
no technical wizard and I still work at my real job…

Can you help?

Thanks for your time and take care,


PS. And please, don’t tell me to “try harder” because
that’s *exactly* what I’ve been doing for the last months
and I haven’t earned a *dime*.


That’s why I decided to write a special report called “Forum Traffic Secrets.” Here are some of the things
you will discover:

Why forums are one of the most overlooked goldmines on the internet…

How to use forums to find out what your market really wants to

How to pick a forum “username” that will help you make more money (short-term AND

How to set up an effective “signature file” – very few people know how to PROPERLY
use signature files…

Techniques to use when you want to promote a product as an affiliate or even as a merchant
(when you are promoting your own product).

A sneaky trick to make more money from every single forum you

How to increase the profitability of your
signature file by 200%, 300% or even 400% – instantly!

How to use forums to instantly get up
to hundreds of backlinks to your sites. Links form big authority sites (like forums) can boost your search engine rankings practically overnight!

How to track your traffic from each individual forum you post on…

How to draw even more attention to your signature file so you drive even more traffic
to your offers.

How to earn a living on the internet WITHOUT
posting all day on forums. We are all lazy so the last thing we want to do is spend all day posting. It’s about working SMART – and NOT hard.

How to really post on forums for maximum effect…

How to create controversy and posts that get
many views (without becoming hated :-))

How to find the biggest forums in any niche quickly and

A sneaky way to use other
members of a forum so they do your “dirty work” for you. Don’t worry – it’s perfectly legal and ethical…

And much much more than I can remember right now!

Here’s what other people just like you had to say about Forum Traffic

George, What a great resource. To the point, easy to read and easy to follow.  Your suggestions are  great and I intend to put them into action
immediately. I recommend everyone grabs a copy of this guide, reads it immediately and puts what they learn into action.

Charly Leetham

Hello George,

I read your report and you had so many wonderful strategies to get back links.  I have read many different reports and ebooks on how to
write a signature file as well as using forums to advertise but to date your report has explained in detailed where others have failed to be as thorough as your report has

All I can say is WOW, you have explained all options in detail.  There is no way anyway anyone can fail using your
  I want to thank you for letting me be one of the people who got to read it first!  I wish you much success with this report.  It is a gold mine
filled with some great information!

Dorothy Salinas

“George you have put together all the details you need to add this great stream of no financial cost free traffic quickly and easily to anyone’s internet
marketing campaign.

I like your idea about using other members – very clever…………..! Also found some great forums through your resource

Thanks George”

John Hillage

Hi George, I have been an internet marketer for over 3 years most of my money has been generated from Google Adwords but unfortunately after the Google Slap the
cost of doing business on Adwords has become too expensive.

I have been looking for a way to stop using Google altogether. Your Report on Forum Traffic Secrets has allowed me to do just that, I turned off
my Google Adwords account altogether and am now focusing my attention to Forum postings, this information has already saved me $1399.96 (the amount I spent last month on
Adwords) .

George Thanks for such an informative straight to the point report. This product can help anybody become successful without reinvesting all
their products back into Google Adwords! Sincerely,

Mario Kotik

Forum Traffic Secrets is a fantastic report. It is filled with meaty “how to get traffic” tips. Fortunately, it’s fluff and fat free. The ideas
about increasing productivity (like the stopwatch tip) will save me a lot of time.. And the sample signature files are great (I’ve already borrowed the format ). Anyone
interested in creating free traffic would be smart to get this report.

Mark Flournoy,

Your info products are always insightful and useful.  I personally thought that Forum Traffic Secrets has lots of useful tips
-especially the part about what NOT to do
.  I always appreciate your no-nonsense writing style, particularly today when so many “info products” are have little or no
real value. 

Thanks for the good work,

Neil Vermillion

Hi George,

Your tip on page 3 is so simple yet so true, wish I’d thought about this sooner!

What you suggest on page 4 could also be used to increase the responsiveness of my article marketing, great value there.

On another page you highlighted the one factor that has been eating in to my time and effectiveness, thank you.

You have shown me a powerful way to market at no cost!

On the last page you gave an excellent tip that I would never have dreamed of!



I thought I knew a bit about that subject from reading reports from other IM gurus??

But after reading your sneaky little report I realize that I now know a whole lot more now.

Using forums like you describe and signature files is a cunning means to an end.

Also the different styles used on signature files can be attention grabbing as well.

I also was interested to know about your Forum List you provide.

Very interesting George and as usual no fluff straight to the point, I like that.

Well done again George

Warm Regards,

William Condon

Thanks for the report. It is good to get honest info, that helps me do a better job of running my company. There is so much crap out there, that isn’t worth
the paper it is printed on. It is great to get stuff, that you can really use. Keep up the great work.

Gary Moore
Gary Moore Company
New Wholesale Name Brand Overstocks

So how much is Forum Traffic Secrets? Well, after a lot of thought, I decided to let the cat out of the bag for just$19.97.

I KNOW that this information will be worth much MUCH more than that to you. But because it’s just an ebook, I can’t get myself to charge more for it…

Plus, you don’t have to decide today if Forum Traffic Secrets is for you or not, because of my…

Money Back Guarantee:

I’ll make my guarantee as simple and straightforward as possible:

Download Forum Traffic Secrets. Go through the report once. If you feel that it wasn’t worth the measly $7.00, let me know in the next 2 months and I’ll
refund your purchase.

Fair enough?


Download Your Own Copy of “Forum Traffic Secrets” for just  $19.97  $7.00 (if you act today, you also
receive Master Resale Rights)

We accept orders 24/7,  365 days a year. You can order even if it’s 1:30 in the morning. You are just minutes away from
discovering how to drive ready-to-buy traffic to your sites without spending a dime!

To higher profits,

George Katsoudas and R R Rudolph

PS. This report is concise, to the point and practical. Please don’t order if you are looking for a a fat book, hundreds
of pages long, full of fluff. Just ONE tip in this report will pay for the outlay MANY times over – and in less than 24 hours!

PPS. To be serious, this is one of the best information products you will ever have a chance to buy. And you
now have a chance to buy it at a price so low, it is probably the best value you could ever get for your money. I hope you take advantage of it and I hope you do so


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